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Advanced Technology

DIAGNODENT - Early Dectection of Dental Cavities
Our dental office has a simple, fast and painless dental examination using the DIAGNOdent, a harmless laser scanner, which will help us with the early detection of dental cavities. With this laser dental treatment even very small lesions are now detected at the earliest stage, enabling us to protect and preserve your teeth and smile.
The Diagnodent laser cavity detection system is the most significant breakthrough in diagnosing tooth decay since the dental x-ray. With the widespread use of fluoride in both drinking water and toothpastes, it is much harder to detect tooth cavities than ever before. This is because the fluoride hardens the enamel so that most tooth decay starts in microscopic defects in the hard surface, and can readily spread into the softer surface beneath. This destroys the tooth from the inside out.
The Diagnodent dental laser system is a pen-like probe that sends a safe, painless laser beam into the tooth and checks its health. A number scale and an alarm will signal when there are signs of hidden dental cavity. This allows us to determine if decay is lurking beneath the apparently healthy tooth surface. This dental laser technology allows us to catch tooth cavities at an earlier stage, before the tooth is destroyed from the inside out. This dental laser cavity detection will help prevent more extensive dental procedures.

X-rays, also called radiography, provide an important tool that shows the condition of your teeth, roots, jaw, and overall facial bone composition. X-rays can reveal the advanced nature of periodontal disease, as well as tumors and abscesses.

There are three basic kinds of X-rays:
  • Bitewings are the most conventional kind of dental X-rays and are used to spot cavities and decay.
  • Periapical X-rays are broad pictures of an entire tooth structure and are used to spot deep tooth problems, such as impacted teeth, bone loss, and abscesses.
  • Panoramic X-rays are designed to capture an entire mouth, and have been used to spot tumors and cysts, as well as wisdom teeth.

Radiation Concerns
Patients have little reason to be concerned about the health effects of dental X-rays; chances are you receive more radiation from sunlight in one day than one sitting involving dental X-rays.

Exposure to radiation is extremely brief and minimal. Because we use digital technology, we can now obtain digital X-ray images of your teeth, using up to 90% less radiation, making X-rays safer for you and your family.

This technology is one of the most practical and least invasive technology available to deliver restorative and preventive care.  The ODYSSEY 2.4G DIODE LASER represents the latest solid state diode laser technology available for soft tissue modification and preventative care.

Examples of procedures that are routinely performed with the Odyssey Laser are:
  • -Clinical crown lengthening
  • -Soft tissue debridement
  • -Orthodontic tissue control
  • -Frenum release
  • -Biopsies
  • -Cold sore treatment
  • -Implant access

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