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Mini Implants

Top 5 Health Benefits of Mini Implants 

  1.  Prevent bone loss, your facial structure remains intact and as nature intended
  2.  Patients can experience immediate stability in their dentures.
  3.  Eating habits are improved- now you can avoid softer, highly-processed foods which lead to digestive problems
  4.  You'll once again enjoy eating!  It'll no longer be an embarrassing or challenging event.
  5.  Regain and recapture lost confidence from having missing teeth or poor-fitting dentures.

"End Your Denture Problems Now."                                                 

   Are you struggling to maintain any sense of dignity with your current dentures? Has eating your favorite foods become a thing of the past?

     Hi, my name is Dr. Marie Alejandrino-Buell. I've been a practicing dentist for close to 20 years. I've helped thousands of my patients with their frustrations with dentures.

     And, I have to say, it's been very rewarding transforming someone's life of aggravation with dentures to having them virtually "forget they even have dentures."

    If there is one thing that frustrates me to no end, it's that there are thousands of people unnecessarily suffering from ill-fitting, poorly-made, or just worn-out dentures.

  If you are suffering from the many different common problems associated with dentures,You do have options.

        You absolutely do not
have to "live with it."

Implants provide stability to your dentures and make them feel like you are wearing your own natural teeth.    You see, there are a lot of misconceptions about dentures out there.

    For instance, did you know when dentures are manufactured and custom-fit properly, and get regular adjustments and maintenance (think of how long well-maintained cars last - hundreds of thousands of miles!), they should allow you to chew, experience and taste you favorite foods?

    Most people, sadly, do not.  They've been told by others to expect soreness or they have actually experienced it. Many denture wearers even have grown to accept loose, poorly-fitting, inadequate dentures. Even clicking or whistling.

   And, yes, some have had their dentures fall out, when attempting to eat and chew their favorite foods, and often at the most inconvenient of times of places.

   With Mini-Implants, all of these embarrassing moments can be a distant memory.

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